Our Candy is Vegan Friendlyblackfrogdesign
All candy we make at The Red Balloon Candy Artisans is 100% vegan friendly.

That’s right kids, our entire range of candies and lollies in-store and online is 100% Vegan Friendly.

How did we do it you ask? Well it’s simple. We moved away from using animal gelatin’s and bees wax’s on all our prep tables. Instead we use Pectin, a vegetable jelling agent and a vegetable based wax to achieve the same delicious flavours and textures you expect from our candy.

For the non-vegans out there, there’s no difference and we know you’ll be impressed!

For our Vegan friends, it simply means you can enjoy a wider selection of candy sweets and lolly treats. That includes all our jellies, rock candies, pebbles & drops, printa pops, lollipops, skull pops and don’t forget our latest and greatest recipe… Choc Honeycomb!

We aim to serve-up to everyone The Red Balloon candy experience!

It’s interesting to know that every year more and more people are turning to vegan as a way of life, and for good reason too! A plant based diet can help sustain our environment not to mention the many proven health benefits associated with it.

design your own custom lollipop

Our Vegan lollies are 100% vegan-friendly meaning we do not use any Gelatin or Bees Wax. Instead we use Pectin and Vegetable Wax.

Pectin is an all natural gelling agent found in fruits and vegetables to create that smooth soft jelly texture we all love! If you’ve ever tried Grandma’s vegan fruit jams then chances are you’ve experienced the power of pectin at work.

You’ll just love ’em!