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All our candy is handcrafted at The Red Balloon

Recent events that have transpired, see us forced to close our retail store in Prahran of May 2020.

With over 14 years under our belts in the retail sector, we have decided to make a shift.

An incredibly difficult decision to make. We would say the hardest in business to date. But one decision that was imperative to keep us alive in this fast moving landscape called business.

We have now dedicated ‘The Red Balloon Candy Artisans’ to ‘online’ where we are currently working through a new business model to keep ‘The Red Balloon Candy Artisans’ alive and thriving, moving forward through this tumultuous era.

We will keep you up to date with our progress over the coming months.

Stay tuned, as we are taking the time to get this right and reshape our selves as the industry leaders we know we are.

We are taking all online orders.

We are taking all wholesale orders.

We are taking wedding themed candy orders, but not yet personalized candy orders.
Please contact us to discuss your options for your wedding candy needs, we have options and great products that will be the perfect treat for your celebratory day.

If you have any personalized corporate candy requests, please contact us as we have options. Yet we are ‘not’ taking any personalized rock candy orders yet. This will also be updated in news in the coming time ahead.

We are taking custom Printa Pop orders too.

Established in 2006, the name The Red Balloon Candy Artisans came from owner Pascal who’s parents named him after a short kids book from France, Pascal & The Red Balloon.

This idea corellated with what Pascal had as a vision for the candy company.

With over 14 years industry experience now under his belt, Pascal has travelled the world with his wife helping train overseas companies in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Shanghai and also a life changing business opportunity in Tokyo of 2010.

The Red Balloon Candy Artisans were located near Prahran Town Hall

Coming up to 15 years running a candy business in Melbourne – The finest hand crafted candy business in Australia – Taking ideas, concepts and business techniques from all around the world to create his own unique boutique styled business that continues to grow.

Using timeless recipes and production methods with a new age twist. – Product innovation and invention is part of The Red Balloon name where we fuse external ideas like 3D printing, edible imagery, moulding and casting, as candy is not just a sweet treat, it is an ‘Art’ that we love and have a great passion for.

Skilled candy artisans who work with us never want to leave as they are captivated by our unique processes and retail experience.

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