Choc Jelly Nuggets



100g bags of 3 for $6.50

Choc Jelly Nuggets are assorted flavoured jellies dipped in a velvet Callebaut chocolate.

Our signature vegan based Jelly recipe is well known among our candy critics for having a tongue-tingling taste matched with an exquisite soft inner texture.

Just to show you we’re not mucking around, check out this video and see for yourself: 🙂

Inside each bag you will find 3 Choc Jelly Nuggets.. but which flavours will I get, you ask??? It’s a mystery!

All candy we make is Handcrafted and 100% vegan.

  • vegan friendly
  • gluten free
  • soy free
  • dairy free
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, pectin, flavours, may contain colours: 102, 110, 123, 133, 155, food acid 330, icing sugar, corn starch, 54% vegan callebaut chocolate. All our Jelly range are made with pectin and no gelatine. May contain traces of nuts.
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  1. Debbie Hunter (verified owner)

    These are amazing… a perfect balance of delicious dark chocolate and jelly!! I had these delivered to work and, after trying one, it briefly crossed my mind that I should offer one to a colleague but they are just so good that I selfishly decided to keep them for myself. Will definitely be ordering more of these very soon. They are some of the best vegan treats I have tasted and would no doubt be enjoyed by non-vegans just as much!

  2. Shara

    Tried these for the first time today and oooh my god I wish they came in a kilo bag. They’re so delicious. The chocolate is rich and creamy. A great combination 10/10

  3. Lillian (verified owner)

    These are dangerous….glad they only come in a pack of 2. Delicious treat that are very morish.

  4. Amanda (verified owner)

    These were terrific. A surprise flavour each bite – always delicious and incredibly moreish. Will definitely be buying these again.

  5. Ashlee (verified owner)

    So delicious 😁💚

  6. Tamsin Ramone

    Very yum!

  7. Letti (verified owner)


  8. Louise (verified owner)

    Completely decadent, a beautiful jube covered in rich, smooth dark chocolate. To be savoured and eaten slowly to truly appreciate the magnificence.

  9. Janine Brown

    What can I say about these other than they are absolutely devine – such deliciousness could only have been made by some magical wizard! I will buy these again – no I HAVE to buy these again!

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