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Frequently asked questions to The Red Balloon Candy Artisans

Q: What is the minimum order for personalised candy?
A: We require a minimum of 8kg to personalise a candy. This is due to the building process when creating your candy design. Sculpting a large version of your candy, as we then extrude this into smaller bite size pieces. On average you get 2500 pieces of your own designed candy.

Q: What is the cost for 8kg of personalised candy?
A: $330.00 GST included.

Q: Do you have any other products that can be personalised at a lower price/quantity?
A: Yes, we have a number of other personalised candy products.

– Personalised lollipops (choice of colours, flavours and shapes & sizes) These can also have your own text put on them.
– Medium lollipops can have up to 4 letters
– Large lollipops up to 16 letters, and other designs subject to approval. See our ‘Artisan Pops’ gallery for inspiration.

We are always happy to discuss design options with you. If you have an idea, let us know so we can discuss your options.

Q: Do you colour match?
A: Yes, with over 11 years of Candy making experience, we pride ourselves in matching your colours. Weddings are as specific and unique as the groom and bride themselves.
For specific colours, a sample will need to be supplied.

Q: Is there a minimum order for your Groom & Bride Rock?
A: No, this candy line has been designed to cater for smaller orders and also add ons to mix into your own personalised design.

With a standard brunette Groom and the choice of a brunette or blonde bride, these are a cute and delicious alternative.
No minimum order required.

Q: Can we have more than 1 flavour?
A: No and Yes. No if you only order 1 batch. Yes if you order more than 2 minimum batches.

The flavour is uniform through the whole batch as is the colour and design.

Q: What are your most popular flavours?
A: We have a choice of well over 30 flavours. Our most popular are:
– Raspberry Lemonade
– Strawberry & Cream
– Musk
– Orange
– Raspberry
– Watermelon
– Cola

You can even create your very own flavour. Creation is the key! Why not try cola and strawberry together. Colaberry! That sounds delish!

Q: What kind of packaging do you offer?
A: We have 2 types of packaging available.
– Small square jars 80g in size with silver lids
– Clear poly bags cut to size to suit your size requirements.
Visit our online order form and scroll down until you come to ‘Packaging’ and hit the small banner for pricing and packaging.

Q: Do I have to package the whole order into jars or bags?
A: No, what ever you need we will package for you. 50 jars and 50 bags? Consider it done. All packaging is done by our team, sealed air tight and ready for your special occasion.

Q: Can you deliver?
A: Yes, We deliver Australia wide and also Internationally. See ‘Courier’ in our Online order form for National prices.

Q: Can I package my order myself?
A: Yes, any packaging done by ‘us’ or yourself should always be airtight. If candy is exposed to the open air for an extended period of time, it will become sticky.
Any packaging into small bomboniere boxes should be accompanied by seperate poly bag or the like packaging. We are more than welcome to assist you with your packaging ideas.

Q: How much notice do i need to give you for my order?
A: Ideally 2-3 weeks. When ever you are ready to confirm your order, we book it in with a $50 deposit. We like to allow a 2 week gap from when we make your order to when your occasion is. This allows plenty of time if your order is being delivered to you.

We never reject any order on turnaround time. If you need it within 3 days, we will make sure we can get that done. But the more notice we have the better it is for everyone.

Q: Are your candies ‘Gluten Free’?
A: Yes, All our candies are ‘Gluten Free’ ‘Nut Free’ and ‘Dairy Free. We also have a selection of ‘Super Natural’ candies made from raw sugars, no colours and natural oils.

Q: What happens when I submit an online order for personalised candy?
A: When you submit your order, our team at The Red Balloon – Candy Artisans receive an email stating your designed candy. We then get in touch with you regarding your preferred contact method.
Your order is booked in when a deposit in made either by credit card over the phone or through to our bank account.

Please note: There is ‘No’ method of payment for personalsied orders online. We would rather confirm your order over the phone or via email to ensure we get all your details and design features just right.

Q: How long will my candy last for?
A: Up to 12 months. We always suggest to use your candy within a few weeks of production as it will always look its best when it is fresh. However, if it is kept in a dry cool place and airtight, it will last well past 12 months.