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Frequently asked questions to The Red Balloon Candy Artisans

A: Yes. We make all our products to be classified as Vegan.

A: No. We use Pectin which is a fruit based setting ingredient. We don’t use any gelatine in our confectionery.

A: Yes. Our products are classified as Gluten Free.

A: No. We do make a number of products with nuts and there may be traces of nuts in our candies.

A: Yes. We us a Callebaut 54% cocoa based chocolate. No dairy is used.

A: Yes. We have curated themed Gift Boxes and are working on a Build Your Own Gift Box which we will launch very soon.

A: Yes. We courier or post Australia-wide. We are also expanding our global delivery areas, to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK etc.

A: Yes. If you need your order with a quick turnaround time, please select ‘express’ shipping.
You can also reach out to us to discuss any specific shipping details.

A: Yes. Please send us an email to outlining details of your business and we can start a conversation about wholesale opportunities. Min orders are required on all products.

A: Sometimes. If you need a quote before ordering, please let us know via email and we can assist you with a quote relating to your order.

A: Only if we have them in stock. You can choose the colours, if you order above 100 small pops and 50 medium pops. 1 choice of flavour is also available on these quantities.

A: No. We use what we have in stock, unless your order is above 100 pops

A: All our products are made by ‘us’, which makes them 100% Australian made.
Jelly cubes & Squiggles @ 97% australian made ingredients. *Pectin is imported from germany

Mellow Jellows, Bobbles @ 98% australian made ingredients *Pectin is imported from germany

Golden & Raspberry Honeycomb @ 100% australian made ingredients

Choc honeycomb @ 85% Australian made ingredients *Chocolate is imported from Belgium

Printa pops @ 75% Australian made ingredients *Isomalt imported from germany. Icing sheets imported from France

Chocky bark @ 20% Australian made ingredients *Chocolate is imported from Belgium

A: Yes. Our Printa Pops are 100% edible.

We use edible image technology when making these. A combination of sugar free sugar, icing sugar sheets, food colouring as the image print along with your standard lollipop ingredients.

A: No, this candy line has been designed to cater for smaller orders and also add ons to mix into your own personalised design.

A: Yes. Our products are classified as Gluten Free.

A: Our Jellies are the most popular products we make. Also the Choc honeycomb along with a range of our rock candies:
– Fruit Salad
– Raspberry Drops
– Watermelon
– Mandarin Fizzbombs
– Sour Cherry Cola
– Groom & Brides

A: Up to 12 months. We always suggest to use your candy within a few weeks of production as it will always look its best when it is fresh. However, if it is kept in a dry cool place and airtight, it will last well past 12 months. For further advice, check our Candy Caring Tips.