We’ve Gone Nuts!blackfrogdesign

We have decided to reverse our ‘Nut Free’ stance on our candy products. The reason is, we think that ’Nuts’ are just too good a combo to pass up and we have come up with some really delicious ideas that we think the nut lovers will enjoy dearly.

We also understand we are going to disappoint a number of our customers and we are truly sorry for the reversal on this and inconvenience. We only currently make 1 product with peanut butter and we do need to abide by the rule that our candies ‘May contain traces of nuts’

All our products that are currently labelled with ’Nut Free’ are products that have been made prior to our ‘Nut Production’ and are 100% safe to eat. All other products that may contain traces of nuts are labelled so.

If there are any queries or concerns, please email us or call us on 0451 914 641 and we will be happy to chat.