Hand Lollipops

From $6.50


1 Hand Pop for $6.50 or full set of 4 for $24.

These creative candies are sure to come in handy! 😉

Our Hand Lollipops are a super unique treat, available in a range of gestures including ‘Gotcha’, ‘Up Yours’, ‘Rock On’ and the index finger ‘Point’.

‘Hand’-made (get it?) by our team of candy artisans right here in Melbourne, these crazy confections are 100% vegan.

They’re a fantastic favour for your next party or a great and unusual gift!

All Hand Pops are 100% vegan friendly! We’ve moved away from using bees wax and we are now using a vegetable based vegan wax on our prep tables.

  • vegan friendly
  • gluten free
  • soy free
  • dairy free
Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, flavours, may contain colours: 102, 110, 123, 133, 155, food acid 330. May contain traces of nuts.

Made in Australia from 100% Australia ingredients.More info

  1. Mikayla (verified owner)

    These are super yum!!! I bought them for my brothers as we have an ongoing joke and they loved them.

  2. Erika Klepp (verified owner)

    These are so cool… So delicious really fun and taste wise they’re superb… Love them

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