Vegan Raspberry Honeycomb

From $6.50


100g & 1kg bags of honeycomb.

Hey honey, here’s a twist! Our Vegan Raspberry Honeycomb features a satisfyingly crunchy texture matched with velvety honeycomb and fruity raspberry flavour.

A full on flavour explosion, it melts in your mouth and will leave you craving more.

Handcrafted in Melbourne and 100% cruelty free, there’s never been a better excuse to treat yourself!

  • vegan friendly
  • gluten free
  • soy free
  • dairy free
Ingredients:Sugar, glucose, bi-carb of soda. No added colours. 100% vegan. May contain traces of nuts.

Made in Australia from 100% Australia ingredients.More info

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  1. Vick (verified owner)

    Its s beautiful fusion of like fairy floss and honey comb in one.
    It melts in the mouth….leaving you wanting more

  2. Vick (verified owner)

    It’s a fusion of fairy floss and honeycomb.
    One taste and you’ll want more ❤

  3. Emma Bailie (verified owner)

    So flippin’ delicious! The first vegan honeycomb I’ve tried that doesn’t taste like baking soda. So, SO GOOD! You have to try some stat!

  4. Kerry (verified owner)

    Absolutely delish…. wish I had more

  5. Milly (verified owner)

    So yummy – the only downside is that you find you’ve eaten the entire contents of the packet and still want more.

  6. aburnesnguyen (verified owner)

    So delicious, but you don’t get a lot for the price.

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